iixRFID is an IoT application able to interface with RFID antennas (UHF and HF), designed for applications in industrial environments.

Fully configurable and can be interfaced to sensors to automate any process, from the tag read the opening of a door,
from the ignition of a light and acoustic signal to the sending of a telephone call, and more.

Application examples:IDTYRE-immagini-prodotti-ageduino-iixon-arduino

  • Access control vehicles, goods, persons
  • Management private car parks
  • Receipt management and shipping goods / tire
  • Hospitality management customers / suppliers
  • Automatic handling merchandise
  • Automatic distribution of feed livestock
  • Vehicles management emergency
  • Equipment control
  • Waste collection detection system



  • Advanced performance in a compact and affordable format
  • Full software programmability
  • Simple to install and operate on standard networks
  • Lower cost per read point to ensure a good investment
  • Control devices directly without requiring the use of other devices