iixScan Solutions


iiXScan APP for Android devices allows reading of any barcode or RFID Tag (UHF-NFC).

It is composed of the following elements:

  • iiXScan is the smart phone APP itself
  • SureCollect gathers the data coming from the APPs and sends them to the Net
  • SureShare guarantees data exchange with any ERP systems

iiXScan is highly versatile and can be employed in a wide variety of industries, or, for the sake of brevity, anywhere
barcode readers and RFID tags are used to gather information and critical data.

To receive further information about iiXScan or to learn about the application areas where the solution is already operating, please write to us and leave your details.



  • iiXScan makes data collection easy.
  • iiXScan is ergonomic and user-friendly.
  • iiXScan is designed to automatically adapt to your device, regardless of its size.


  • iiXScan accelerates in-field data collection with or without connection
  • Automated compilation of a Delivery Note
  • The device stores all the documents that are waiting to be sent to the server.

High value for money

  • iiXScan reduces data collection management costs
  • It is developed on the open source Android platform
  • Collected data and information are immediately available

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