The use of mobile solutions, in the management process of the supply chain, will enable you to achieve a higher quality in the data collected and thus to increase productivity, thanks to a 24 hour connectivity to the application in the cloud. Logistics and transport companies require devices that are able to tolerate any atmospheric conditions, detect GPS location, a battery capable of supporting an entire shift of work, and it is because of all these reasons that we suggest the use of computers such as the high-performance ruggedised table in order to be sure to always work with the highest professional quality.

Thanks to our applications and their guided procedures –designed to exclude the possibility of human error, monitoring many different activities will become easier:

  • Precise data for monitoring and reallocation of products as well as properties
  • Access control using RFID or NFC systems
  • Verify the integrity of the transport unit
  • Digitisation of processes of document compilation
  •  “Last mile” traceability
    •  proof of delivery, geo-localisation and graphometric signature



Increase productivity and efficiency with the Mobile Supply Chain Management

The management in mobility of your processes is not only designed to contain operating costs, but rather to the increase the visibility of a process that will allow you to give a better service in order to obtain an immediate saving and an increase of the operating margin.