Solutions for the tyre enterprises

We transform our expertise and passion for the technology on the go into simple and effective solutions, the focus of our attention is the operational requirements of all the workers that operate on the move.

We develop mobile data collection solutions, i.e. audit survey, quality assurance survey, maintenance survey, check-list survey, aimed at all those professionals work on the move in every environmental condition.

We create the Internet of Things, connecting the producers with the users through the “identity card” of the product, always using the most suitable technology for the purpose, ranging from those already well established such as the barcode, RFID and NFC, or those emerging as the high-definition images.

We follow our clients step by step, guiding and supporting them in their every operational need and in each of their peculiarity. We create products and services that are both specially tailored as well as standard.

  • Composed of a group of professionals that have gained experience in international enterprises, producers of innovative technologies.
  • In 2014 they translate their experience in applications able to interface themselves to any enterprise solution, integrating innovative and cutting-edge technologies to collect data on the go.
  • In 2016 they create a new platform called idTyre to promote innovative solutions for the tire enterprises
  • The skills gained enable the analysis of localised or international processes in the supply-chain field, supplying personalised solutions, which are innovative and technologically advanced.
  • The clients that chose Mobiix srl are companies within the manufacturing sector, as well as transport and logistics, services and distribution.

The solutions proposed by idTyre are based on innovative technologies: the APPs engineered, relate to Android and Windows operating systems.

From mobile printers and wearable scanners to the widest variety of rugged tablets, our next-generation rugged devices will appeal to fast growing companies; so, for example, the latest wearable devices allow operators’ freedom of movement hence enhanced productivity.

idTyre offers certified industrial solutions, such as:

– Label printers and related consumables

– Extremely durable aluminium laser etched labels

– Handheld and presentation barcode scanners

– RFID readers (UHF/HF) NFC (HF) and Tags

– Handheld Computers and Rugged Tablet PC